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AllStar Chimney Sweep Crestview
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When you burn a fire, the fire produces gas. This gas usually rises through the chimney and out through the top. However, some gas can cling to the sides of the flue tiles and build up. This unburned gas is called soot. While soot is not inherently dangerous, another byproduct of fire is. Creosote is another thing that is left behind when the wood is burned.

The creosote found in chimneys is usually a mix of creosote, tar, and soot. The danger in creosote is that it is highly combustible. If you have a buildup of creosote in your chimney’s flue, high temperatures can cause it to combust, thus resulting in a chimney fire.

Our AllStar Chimney Sweep Crestview technicians perform a 21-point chimney safety inspection to locate any problems it might have, as well as to ensure the safety of your home. Our Chimney Sweep Crestview technicians also perform quality chimney sweeps that rid your chimney of any dangerous creosote and soot buildup. AllStar Chimney Sweep Crestview can help.

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32539, 32536
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