Allstar Chimney Sweeps Tuscaloosa

Allstar Chimney Sweeps Tuscaloosa
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Are you a local fireplace owner in Tuscaloosa, Alabama looking for a chimney sweep near you? Then you need a yearly chimney sweep and fireplace inspection! At Allstar Chimney Sweep of Tuscaloosa, we know how important it is to get your chimney swept, but do you? A chimney that is not maintained properly is a high-risk area of your home that presents many potential dangers. Our professional chimney sweeps can service your chimney with a comprehensive inspection to lower the risk and keep you safe. Do you remember the last time your chimney was inspected? The main goal of our professional Tuscaloosa chimney sweeps is to keep you and your property safe. Checking from the ground up to the top of the chimney, our 21-point safety inspection can diagnose any cracks, gaps, or other sources of issues. Additionally, you can upgrade your fireplace inspection to have high-tech ChimScans so that we can check the hard-to-see areas of the chimney that other chimney companies would miss. This equipment has both a vertical camera and a horizontal 360-degree camera to see every nook and cranny. Chimney inspections and sweeps are recommended once per year, thus they should not be overlooked since there are many dangers to not maintaining your fireplace properly.

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